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Schools Use Software That Blocks LGBTQ+ Content, But Not White Supremacists

Ezra is a student at a high school that uses Securly to filter which websites can be accessed on school-issued devices. While doing research for a recent school project and editing a Wikipedia article about a feminist business, he discovered that the filter was regularly preventing him from viewing websites that most students and educators—particularly at his school—would consider valuable educational resources. Ezra, who asked to retain partial anonymity, shared a list of nearly 60 websites with Motherboard that Securly’s web filter blocked.

Remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ezra Levinson ‘23 noted, “In the Jewish tradition, when someone dies we say זכרונם לברכה (zichronam livracha). Translated to English, it means ‘may their memory be a blessing.’ I don’t think that all of Justice Ginsburg’s rulings were equal or just, but there’s no doubt that she inspired a huge number of people to push our society towards equality and justice, and I believe that her memory is already a blessing because of that.”

Hawaii students plan walkouts: 17 minutes for 17 victims

“Even though it’s not one organization or one group, it’s still one movement and we all have the same goal, and I think that’s really encouraging,” said Punahou seventh-­grader Ezra Levinson, 13, who attended. “Mostly it’s just to say we as students are the ones being affected by this the most, and we as students have had enough of this and we’re ready to do something about it.”